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the fbi met today to discuss possible charges in the case. the alameda county sheriff's office says there is a lot of evidence to go through and it will be a lengthy investigation. >>> in the meantime, the search goes on for one of the residents who hasn't been seen since last friday. 65-year-old edmond bascom remains unaccounted for. he was last seen at the san leandro bart station and has been known to wander off. >>> there are some new rules for transit workers following the disof two men on bart tracks earlier this month. the california public utilities commission is now going to require transit agencies create a three-way communication procedure. so that's going to involve workers on the tracks, the train operators and central controllers. bart's old policy was supposed to look out with the work crews without necessarily notifying train operators that work was under way. >>> bay area headlines, beginning tomorrow red light cameras will catch drivers making illegal turns at san francisco's busy market and octavia intersection. that has been the scene of many accidents involving
agencies including the fbi are now looking into the case involving people abandoned at a castro valley care facility. this comes as we're learning more about what happened at valley springs manor. a cook says state workers were at the facility all last week but left friday afternoon. firefighters also showed up to respond to 911 calls but they were unaware that the facility had been shut down. the cook said he felt the need to stay behind. >> just can't see myself stay with us leaving the residents in there like -- i couldn't. i couldn't -- i couldn't do that. maybe they would have tried to cook for themselves and burned the whole place up. >> authorities say one of the residents is missing. 65-year-old edmond bascomb wanders off. he was last seen at the san leandro bart station friday. >>> another heated exchange on capitol hill today about the failed healthcare website. this time health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius was in the hot seat taking full responsibility s. >> although was in charge as it was being built? >> -- was in charge -- >> at that team who is the individu
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2